HDPE Pipe Docks & Floatation Billets

At Plastics Plus in Campbell River we can build custom docks, pontoon docks, billet docks, and break waters to your specifications.  These docks can be sold deck ready or with a complete deck.

When designing a custom dock any configuration can be designed and constructed to fit your requirements. We can supply HDPE pontoons for a variety of marina dock systems including complete harbors, steel structures, fish pens, work platforms, seaplane docks and more. Small or large, one or one hundred, all of our docks receive the same special attention.


Our marina dock systems including HDPE docks, dock flotation and pontoons are high quality at the most competitive price. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is made from stress relieved resin to prevent fatigue, brittleness & cracking. With HPDE pipe as the float and a proven structural design, our floats continue to stand the tests of Mother Nature. Our track record of zero failures proves it. A Plastics Plus HDPE pipe dock is designed and built to last a lifetime and will look great year after year. Start right with one of our HDPE marina dock systems and you’ll spend less money on repairs and more time enjoying your floating dock.

It’s been our experience that seasonal mobility is a high priority to most floating dock customers. Our HDPE docks are relatively easy to move and most people find it a simple project to take their dock out of the water in the winter and put it back, good as new, in the summer.

Plastics Plus HDPE pipe docks can be fully decked and ready to go for you or they can be deck ready for you to complete and add your final touches.

FOAM COVERED BILLETS are commonly used for floating structures such as docks, rafts, and boathouses. The Plastics Plus Fabricating foam billets consist of closed cell foam bricks that are covered in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material and welded closed.

Our billets are lightweight and easy to install, so structures can be built quickly and efficiently. These billets do not break down like wood and will not become water logged. We can customize the size of your billets in order to suit your flotation needs.

You will find our custom docks all over Vancouver Island and through out BC.

Contact us with your ideas for a floating dock that suits your location and lifestyle and our designers will work with you to design and build the perfect dock using HDPE pontoons or foam covered billets. Larger marina dock systems including floating docks and requiring flotation for structures or platforms are no problem for our professional dock designers.

“I have had the pleasure of coordinating the purchase of three Plastics Plus high quality docking systems for small communities on Vancouver Island. The quality of the product is premium. The service they provide is exemplary. I highly recommend using Plastics Plus as a provider of quality, industrial strength docks."

  -B. Payer
  Delta, BC

"This dock is exactly what I was looking for when I pictured having a dock several years ago.  Very pleased that I went to the Sportsman show and talked to you, I will recommend your company to others!"

- Pete Farnworth 

Pacific Star Marine